Marloth Park is a holiday town on the southern border of the Kruger National Park.  It is situated next to the Crocodile River approximately 15 kilometers from the Crocodile Bridge gate of the Kruger National Park and approximately 30 kilos from the Malelane Gate of the Park.

The house is
situated in
Mispel  Street Marloth Park

There are no Fences in Marloth Park allowing annimals to roam freely through the town,  the  town also has its own private Game Reserve - Lion spruit- with more dangerous annimals like 3 lions.

The town is situatuated on the Crocodile River, the Southern Border of the Kruger National Park and a walk next to the river might reward you with sightings like Hippos, elephant and  many antelope species. If you don't see one you will definitely hear an African Fish Eagle.

This bird will be your morning wake up call and is just one amongst the more than 300 bird species recorded in the area.

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